Join Us For the Next "Meet the Faculty" Webinar on March 17 Featuring Mary A. Jackson

Mary Jackson, Ph.D.

Next Prescott College Faculty Webinar Series to Feature Presentation by Mary A . Jackson, Ph.D.  -  "Adventure and Embodiment of Place"


Episode two of Prescott College's new Meet the Faculty webinar series will feature a presentation by Mary A. Jackson, Ph.D., Associate Faculty and Program Coordinator of the Outdoor Education Leadership MA.  Adventure is a relic of imperialism and the European romanticization of place. It has evolved from quests for domination of place and people, to spiritual or consumeristic escape from the modern world, to an attempt to return or reconnect to nature. Does this imply that if humans must reconnect to nature, there is an inherent disconnect or a separation? Rather it is about remembering, or reconfiguring what adventure and place mean in the context of nature and culture. Through vignettes ranging from the Himalaya to the backyard, Dr. Jackson will present the ways in which embodiment with place can show us more about the reciprocal relationship to more-than-humans. Decentering the conquering mindsets of being outdoors can allow for an awareness of these entanglements to emerge and shift the discourse of "what is adventure." 

Episode 2 will be moderated by Gretchen Gano, Ph.D., a Science and Technology scholar and Director of Research and Faculty of Education in the Ph.D. in Sustainability Education Program at Prescott College. 

The Meet the Faculty Webinar Series was designed to feature the work, research, and praxis of the Prescott College faculty for the benefit of the campus community and to engage external audiences of prospective students, colleagues and collaborators. Each episode will be 45-50 Minutes in length followed by a Q&A.


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